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Board of Directors

The NEWBuildS Board of Directors is the senior management authority for the Network’s activities.

The Board reviews the network’s annual financial report and approves the budget. It also reviews the recommendations of the network research program from the Scientific Steering Committee and approves the projects. The Board advises on strategic planning of the network and approves the network policies and procedures as well as ensures compliance off the relevant policies.


Ms. Lynn Embury-Williams (Chair)
Mr. Grant Newfield Read Jones Christoffersen Limited
Mr. Andrew Harmsworth GHL Consultants Ltd
Ms. Helen Griffin Canadian Wood Council
Mr. Erol Karacabeyli FPInnovations


Dr. Roger Cheng University of Alberta
Dr. J. Daniel Dolan Washington State University
Dr. Ian Hartley University of Northern British Columbia


Dr. Morad Atif NRC Institute for Research in Construction


Mr. Robert Jones Natural Resources Canada, Canada
Mr. Graham Savage Dept of Business New Brunswick, New Brunswick
Mr. James Orr Municipal Affairs, Alberta
Ms. Jyotsna Dalvi (2010-2012) Industry Canada, Canada
Ms. Denise Evans (2011) Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ontario

NSERC – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Dr. Shaheer Mikhail (2010-2013)
Mr. Robert Therrien

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