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Network Benefits

There is renewed interest by Canadian and international design and building professionals to specify wood. This is because, relative to other structural materials, wood products have many advantages, such as:

Also, recent changes to National and Provincial building codes to focus on expected performance levels in buildings, providing designers with more opportunity to apply advanced design and construction concepts and methods, and to specify alternative materials such as wood.

The development of construction technologies that will allow wood-based products to be used alone or in combination with other structural materials in these applications will be key in leading to the attainment of all key building code objectives. New and more sophisticated analysis tools and design guidelines will be developed to allow building designers to predict and verify the structural, fire, serviceability and durability performance of these buildings.

It is also expected that new research information generated by the NEWBuildS network will lead to changes in building codes and design standards that will facilitate the use of wood in midrise and non-residential construction. NEWBuildS is expected to train over 60 highly qualified persons who will position Canada as a global leader in scientific insights and technologies related to the application of wood products and building systems.

In summary, this Network is of significant importance to the Canadian forest industry. It coincides with the ‘green’ building movement and the research will address limitations and barriers in building codes and design standards for wood.