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April 22, 2016

We would like to thank you for your interest in NEWBuildS.

As you may know NEWBuildS formally completed its mandate on September 14, 2015. NEWBuildS has supported over 70 highly qualified personnel. Over 60 PhD and MSc theses are expected from its research program. Numerous technical reports, theses, technical notes, presentations and technical articles are posted on NEWBuildS web site to allow access to these valuable information by building designers, industry, code officials and researchers. Essentially the NEWBuildS web site has served an effective knowledge dissemination function. We are pleased to inform you that FPInnovations has kindly agreed to provide resources to maintain and update the NEWBuildS web site until at least March 2017.

We will continue to update the contents as new theses, reports and technical articles arising from NEWBuildS supported projects are available.

Y. H. Chui, Scientific Director

Kenneth Koo, Network Liaison Manager

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