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NEWBuildS Annual Workshop 2014, Tall Wood Building Design Workshop & FIBRE Conference

The NEWBuildS research network is entering the final year of its operations, with a lot of the 37 research projects having either been completed or reached the final phase of the research. A vast amount of technical information are being generated that will contribute to design and construction of multi-storey and non-residential buildings.

A Workshop has been scheduled for May 7-8, 2014 in Vancouver to disseminate the research findings to practitioners and researchers. This year’s Workshop will also feature a series of presentations from NEWBuildS graduate students and post-doctoral fellows on a team design project of a 20-storey wood-hyrbid building, and two keynote presentations from Professor Stefan Winter, Technical University of Munich and Dr. Samual Glass, US Forest Products Laboratory.

This two-day event will be of interest to builders, designers, building regulators, producers and researchers who would like to learn more about the latest development in research and design of multi-storey and non-residential wood construction in Canada, USA and Europe. Attendance is complimentary, but registration is required. Please contact to register.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Y. H. Chui, PhD, P.Eng
Scientific Director, NEWBuildS

NEWBuildS Workshop 2014
May 7 (PM) & May 8, 2014
Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, Richmond, British Columbia

Download Workshop Package (.pdf with bookmarks): NEWBuildS Workshop 2014 package

Download AGENDA (.pdf version): Workshop 2014 Agenda
Workshop 2014 Agenda - V4_30_Page_1Workshop 2014 Agenda - V4_30_Page_2

NEWBuildS HQP Tall Wood Building Design Project Workshop
May 7 (AM), 2014
Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, Richmond, British Columbia
Download AGENDA (.pdf vesion):2014 Tall Wood Building Design Project Presentation
2014 Tall Wood Building Design Project Presentation _ May 7th 2014-release b

FIBRE Conference
May 12 to 15, 2014
University of British Columbia
FIBRE Conference and Registration @