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Welcome to NEWBuildS!

Welcome to NEWBuildS – a multi-disciplinary NSERC strategic research Network for Engineered Wood-based Building Systems.

Although the wood industry is a mainstay of the Canadian economy, revenues have been focused on products intended for construction and renovation of low-rise residential buildings. The goal of NEWBuildS is to advance scientific knowledge and construction technologies that will enable wood-based products to be used in mid-rise and non-residential construction, or integrated into hybridized construction. The research program of NEWBuildS has been established in collaboration with FPInnovations, the wood industry and design community, and is organized into four linked research themes:

Twenty three (23) university professors and 19 researchers from FPInnovations, Institute for Research in Construction of the National Research Council and Canadian Wood Council will supervise more than 60 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from 11 universities across Canada.

A key technical outcome of the Network research will be the development of new and improvement of existing technical tools for use by design engineers, researchers and product manufacturers to predict product and building system performances. These technical tools include sophisticated mathematical models based on first principles, applied engineering models, process models and experimental techniques.